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At ATHLETIC GENETIX, we believe that every athlete is unique. Whether training in a professional sports stadium or playing in your neighborhood park, we are all athletes. Our specialists strive to provide you with a path to success that is personally tailored to your body’s exact needs. Together we will create and implement your customized program to achieve a stronger, healthier you!

Sports & Genes

The best athletes in the world are training and fueling to their genetic makeup. Our genes show us how we look on the outside while telling us how our bodies should work on the inside. Each and every task in the human body such as muscle, power, metabolism, aerobic VO2max can all be linked to specific genes.

Use the power of genetics
to take your game
to the next level

Through a simple saliva-based DNA test, we are able to explore your genetic makeup from the inside out with comprehensive and reliable data. With a quick and easy cheek swab, we analyze your DNA that can determine which foods you should be eating and how you should be exercising.

Our Athletic Genetix Certified Sports Dietitians will customize a GamePlan specifically for you.

Regardless of what sport you play or how often you exercise, your DNA potential is limitless.

Unleash the Athlete in you and Dominate your Game!


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