Everything You Need To Know About Athletic Blood Testing 

Most people believe that blood testing is something that is reserved for the time when you have a medical issue only. However, in reality the case isn’t the same anymore. Latest tools and technologies have not only made blood testing easily accessible, but also helped people to know more about what’s going inside their bodies.

Fortunately at the present time, fitness enthusiasts, coaches and athletes are using blood testing to make sure they are having exactly what is required for an optimal performance in a more effective way. Not only this, athletic blood testing has the ability to reveal anything from small imbalances to the larger performance problems before it’s too late. Among other benefits, information gathered from athletic blood testing can help you in boost cognition, metabolism and athletic performance in the best possible way.

What can I find out from taking a simple cheek swab compared to blood?

Swab testing and blood testing have become two of the most common ways to collect samples for effective DNA testing i.e. cheek swab testing and blood testing. There is no huge difference in the results of DNA testing from DNA-rich cell extraction using any of these methods. The only difference here is the way in which these two samples are being processed.

However, when it is about what you can find in simple cheek swab testing, then you must know it can offer you genetic information. Based on the cheek swab testing kit you are using to test; it can offer you information about your multiple genetic variants. These variants can let you know effective information about yourself from tendon injuries to apparent immunity. This information will certainly help you in deciding what types of exercise work great for you and how you can alter your lifestyle in a more effective way to boost your athletic performance.

Some advantages of cheek swab testing are given below:

  • No needle is being used in cheek swab testing. 
  • Cheek swab testing is a non-invasive and quick procedure that involves no pain in its procedure. 
  • You will be less anxious about the process of DNA collection. 
  • The DNA is affordable to collect with cheek swab relatively. 

Sports-specific biomarking with athletic blood tests has the ability to offer you unparalleled insights into how your body races, works and recovers. Having knowledge about much more than just your power can let you know how your body behaves as well as what it requires to perform at its best in a more effective way. 

An effective athletic blood testing solution can offer you insights along with biomarker profiling based on evidence that can combine scientific analysis with cutting edge technology to benefit you in a more effective way. 


What is athletic blood testing?

Blood in quantities of a few millimeters used to contain an interesting amount of information. Athletic blood testing is invasive, very quick and pain-free. These attributes are making it an effective and efficient choice weapon for better outcomes in nutrition, rehabilitation as well as training. 

Once the blood sample has been taken, it will be analyzed via measurable substances in the body known as biomarkers. These can help you in finding effective information regarding reactions and patterns from training, recovery as well as lifestyle.

However, do you want to know how athletic blood testing can benefit you? Then have a look at the details given below to get a better idea:

Increased motivation 

Athletic blood testing will let you dissect the internal chemistry of your body into smaller pieces of information. This will make it easier to understand when it is going to be presented effectively. Analyzing this information and associating it with causes and effects can motivate you in pushing your body, rest your body as well as feed your body as an athlete. 

It supports health

When you are going to spend your time on how to manage your life after sport, then you are reinforcing the connection and trust. Although the athletic blood testing is not for disease screening, still, it is capable of offering effective information regarding current health conditions and future medical needs in the best possible way. 

Ultimately, an athletic blood testing approach is not only going to change your life but might save your life too. It is because this blood testing approach can help you in catching something serious before it is going to become a deadly situation for you. 

Improved athletic nutrition 

Measuring and managing your nutrition is one of the biggest challenges people face with sports nutrition. At present, athletes are being trained on their own when it’s about a nutritious diet. So, when it comes to attain optimal athletic nutrition, then even the motivated athletes with dedication and discipline need to improve their eating habits. And this is the place, where athletic blood testing can benefit you. 

Athletic blood testing is one of the best ways in sports nutrition by deficiencies. It is because by this, you will be able to get to know more about your inner health and strengths and can alter your nutrition plans accordingly. 

Enhanced recovery 

To evaluate the recovery aspect, timing the blood test along with choosing the right biomarkers are essential. Recovery isn’t all about strain or stress absence, rather it is improvement of adoption in your body and can demonstrate successful training in the best possible way. 

By knowing inside of your body, you will be able to match your lifestyle and training factors for enhanced recovery. Coaches will be able to work collaboratively in this regard. 

Maximized performance 

Performance embodies much more than just a biomarkers’ list, as it comes from biochemicals and skills interaction. One of the most amazing benefits of knowing what is going inside your body via athletic blood testing is to determine what can push you harder as an athlete. When the blood test data is showing that you are clear and free, ultimately, you can have a window of time to push yourself harder to ensure maximized performance.

Can blood and saliva show the same things?

When it is about athletic blood testing and saliva testing, then people got confused about what both of these tests show. It is essential for you to know saliva testing is aimed to assess genetic markers which can help you know how you are going to respond to your nutrition and exercise. Saliva samples are being identified as a DNA sequence variation at single point. 

However, when it is about athletic blood testing then this can examine dozens of biomarkers in the blood level, from blood cells count to glucose levels. Both Saliva and Athletic blood testing can promise to boost your athletic performance as well as training. 

Blood changes hourly and daily, but do my genetics change?

DNA is an adaptable and dynamic molecule and it changes as we get older. The sequences of nucleotides that can be found within our DNA are meant to change as a result of a well-known phenomenon that is known as mutation.

According to the researchers in the United States and Iceland showed that over a duration of 10 to 16 years DNA of some people changes as much as 20%. These differences are not in the popular A, C, G and T’s of our DNA but rather these can change in something that is known as DNA methylation.

However, when it comes to the letters of our DNA with which we were born, they do not change much over lifetime. But there can be an occasional change in the genes which is pretty rare. Methylation is a different matter of discussion. It is because scientists think that it can change a lot in any cell’s DNA. 

Final Words

Both Saliva and athletic blood testing are the most effective ways to facilitate recovery, improve performance as well as monitor training. They can be a gold standard that can integrate, calibrate and validate other effective systems in your sports training.
Blood and saliva can provide an ultimate data set, therefore, testing it quarterly can let you alter your program effectively. It can be one of the most important metrics for athletic development. Above, you certainly have read some important reasons to know what’s happening inside your body as well as how you can determine to improve your overall athletic performance with athletic testing in the best possible way.