When it comes to optimizing your training, it is important to keep your body, mind, and muscles ready to put in the work. This includes mentally prepping, pre-nourishing your body, and committing to healthy lifestyle practices. Many exercise junkies do not want to fill their bellies before hitting the gym, understandably, but you at least need to watch your nutrient consumption. Everyone knows that hydrating before, during and after conditioning is essential, but many athletes fail to fuel their tank properly. Even if that means just downing one of the following pre-workout beverages for an extra energy boost to help you reach your weight loss and/or fitness goals.

5 Beverages to Consider Consuming Pre-Workout

Beet-Root Juice

The beetroot, also known as, beta vulgaris has been known to the public for its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and for reducing hypertension, but the athletic community has recently taken to its potential as an ergogenic aid (performance enhancer). Recent studies have shown that the nitrate in beet juice helps with the transfer of oxygen to our muscles during prolonged mechanical loading. For example, the improved dispersal of oxygen boosts the performance of cardiovascular athletes like, runners, swimmers and cyclists. And the earliest conclusion is that vasodilation (opening of blood vessels, increase blood-flow), may improve an athlete’s performance as much as 16%.

Convinced? This luscious red drink may be the edge you are looking for!

Grape Juice

Under-consuming is a common factor among athletes, but you can easily avoid unwanted drops in energy levels with a glass of 100% grape juice, says NYC-based Sports Dietitian, Natalie Rizzo (MS, RD). Grape juice gives your body fruit nutrients like polyphenols and natural sugars, which may, in turn, energize your conditioning regimens. Research has shown possible increases in antioxidant levels, a reduction in inflammatory markers, and decreased fatigue in endurance athletes who partake in pre-workout grape juice.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is widely used among athletes of all types for its recovery potential, but what if we were to tell you those benefits are not limited to post-workout? Recent studies have shown that the amino acids supplied to your muscles by protein consumption increases your bodies protein synthesis and continues to do so after your conditioning session ends. What this means is that your body can now pack on lean body mass (fat-free gains) effectively pre- and post-training.
Jim White RD, ACSM, dietitian & personal trainer recommends 20-25g of protein pre-workout, but the amount of protein your body truly needs can only be determined from YOUR body’s exact make-up. Everyone is unique.

Coconut Water

Coconut water may seem like a dying trend, but the results behind its pre-workout benefits are no mystery. As we sweat are bodies lose electrolytes and salt, so we somehow need to combat these losses. Pre-hydrating with coconut water will give your body a better chance of maintaining its electrolyte balance during an intense workout session and keep you from feeling unnecessarily sluggish.


Many of us love our morning cup of hot coffee, but is it helping or hurting us pre-workout?
There is evidence showing that caffeine may increase your power output, boost your energy levels, and even improve the athletic performance of some individuals. However, this varies per person.
Should you partake in coffee, or caffeine supplement as a “pre-workout”? For some individuals, who are fast metabolizers of caffeine, the answer is yes, but those of you who are slow metabolizers, well you may actually be doing more harm than good. Caffeine, in slow metabolizers, may stay in your system for up to 12 hours after consumption, negatively affect performance and may even increase your chance of heart related diseases in the future.

We are not saying you cannot have your morning coffee, but it may not be giving you the enhancements you hoped for.

The above pre-workout beverages are to get you thinking about your options for maintaining essential energy levels during intense workouts. As well as, the means to achieve laser focus and fire-like motivation. Overall, to increase the effectiveness of your training sessions and eventually, crush your goals.

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