Are you one of those people who goes straight for your morning coffee, but completely overlooks your morning meal?

Excuses we hear from all the non-breakfast eaters out there:

  1. Not hungry in the morning
  2. Too tired or lazy to make something
  3. Skipping a meal will help lower my calorie intake
  4. Not enough time


Whatever your reason is for skipping “the most important meal of the day;” you may want to rethink your decision. Intermittent fasting is making the morning news, but the never-ending battle continues between the three-square-meals a day patrons and the snacking is king supporters. Despite the controversial ideas surrounding nutrition, researchers are now switching their main focus from WHAT you eat to WHEN.

Recent studies have shown that eating a balanced breakfast may help you to maintain long-term weight loss. One of the reasons may be that your blood sugar drops even lower than it already is – from your nightly fast (National Weight Control Registry) – and leaves you with less energy & more ravenous hunger; instead of giving your metabolism a jumpstart, and you feeling ready to take on your busy day. This is also when Impulsive snacking comes a knocking, “bring on sugary, high-fat and processed foods, says your brain.”

Does this seem like a step in the wrong direction if your looking to shed weight? Quite possibly. Try to make time and enjoy breakfast with your warm cup of coffee, it may even seem peaceful.


Simple Ways to Make yourself a Breakfast Eater:

  1. Create a Routine – the more often you eat in the mornings, the more your body becomes conditioned to receiving nutrients around the same time. Eventually, it will no longer seem forced and you will look forward to that avocado toast with a sunny side up egg – bright and early! ** Hint! Try beginning on weekends


  1. Start Small – Start with a morning smoothie or a banana and a serving of nuts, along with your morning cup of joe. And as you progress, try adding in eggs and lean proteins (i.e. turkey, chicken sausage) with doses of healthy fats (i.e. avocado).


Delicious Avocado Toast Recipe:

1 slice of your favorite seed or wheat bread
1/2 of an avocado, lightly mashed with a splash of lemon juice

1 Egg (however you like it)
1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp of chia seeds
Honey to drizzle


What You’ll Do

1) Toast up your bread.

2) Top with your mashed avocado, red pepper flakes, chia seeds and honey

3) Throw on a Sunny Side Up if you choose. Extra lean protein and vitamins (Can Make the Egg anyway you please)

4) Enjoy!

** Why Add Chia Seeds to your Meals? Fun Facts:

  1. With just 1-ounce of chia seeds contains 5.6 gram of protein
  2. For all you vegans out there – mix with water to replace an egg in cooking!
  3. Great source of omega 3-fatty acids and antioxidants to support your immune system
  4. Should be added to other food and soaked before, but can be consumed raw



  1. Royal Meal Sizing Scale Think – Breakfast like a KING

Lunch like a Prince

And Dinner like a Pauper


  1. Make Time – There are 24 hours in the day and your HEALTH is worth it! Get up early to make yourself something or meal prep for the week so you can grab and go. The options are endless, be creative.


  1. Prepare Breakfast in Advance – You can even weekend prep foods like egg muffin cups – try adding some sweet potato to the bottoms for an extra savory. Or pre-soak oatmeal with milk and just add berries in the morning. Easy. Another idea is to prep proportioned bags of fruit in the freezer for a quick and easy smoothie!


You might have grown up hearing breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we hope that all you anti-morning meal people give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised about how you feel and function! At Athletic Genetix, our registered dietitians can help you with more than just your breakfast habits but as a step up, can create a customized meal plan catered to YOUR body and lifestyle.


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