Holiday Proof Portion Control

5 Tips to avoid holiday weight gain


‘Tis the season for family, friends, festivities and feasts! Today, these parties are centered around FOOD, including: cookies, cakes, casseroles, calorie busting cocktails and carbs-upon-carbs, etcetera. The abundance of savory dishes and our favorite desserts may be overwhelming; however, the good news is that according to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Americans gain about one to two pounds during the holidays.” Some of you may be saying it’s more like 5 or 10 pounds, but the key is getting back on track and leaving guilt behind.

How do you stick with your goals when everyone around you is splurging?

The answer is a moderation mindset and portion control.

Below you will find a few useful strategies to employ, during the holiday season, to avoid overindulgence and preserve your confidence coming into the NEW YEAR.


#1 Do Not Deprive Yourself Moderation is your Friend

A critical part of weight management solutions is moderating your intake of not-so-healthy foods, but avoiding deprivation, which may create cravings. Most nutritionists find that clients who completely cut out certain guilty-pleasures, often end up overindulging in the future. Try to keep the cravings at bay and you will be on your way to a fitter, healthier YOU.

#2 Go in with a Strategy outsmart the buffet

When you know you are going to face a delicious buffet at an upcoming holiday party, your best bet is to outsmart the buffet.

Load up on Veggies and other healthier options available

Eat Slowly – allow time for the brain to realize you are actually full or satisfied

Fit in your FAVORITES – there is NO food that is considered, “part of the NAUGHTY-LIST.” Plan to indulge in small portions of the ones you love. For example: your aunt Judie’s homemade Apple Pie or your grandmother’s, made with love, red-velvet, Christmas cake. Whatever the have-to-have sweet is for you, GO FOR IT.

Choose drinks wisely – limit your liquid calories – by drinking out of a smaller glass and deciding on your refill allotment. Or bringing along pre-frozen fruit juice ice to add a sweet twist to your water for the night.

Attending a Potluck – Offer to bring a HEALTHIER meal option

#3 Do Not Skip Meals Leading up to the FEAST

Do not even think about saving up for the big feast. You are not doing yourself any favors but may be setting yourself up for failure. If you are looking to avoid over-eating during the holidays, then maintain your blood-sugar levels throughout the day to help limit cravings. Eat your meals at the usual times and you may find yourself less starving when it comes to dinner-time.

#4 Mind your Portions mini-size it

A great way to keep your calorie count down is to think ‘mini;’ go for larger portions of the healthier options and keep the indulgent foods in small doses. Also, you could try using your hand size as an estimated, on-the-go portion guide, for example:

meat – stick with the size of your palm

starch (i.e. rice/mashed potatoes) – go with the size of your fist

veggies – may be consumed in larger portions (without dressing and sauces)

Desserts – eyeball it and savor each small bite! You know how much is too much.

As the quote says, “if you can half it, you can have it.”

#5 Get Moving

Lastly, if you’re going to take-in more calories than usual, you better find a way to burn them before, during or after the festivities. Like going for a long morning run, performing your favorite HIIT circuit or convincing your family to have a HOLIDAY beach volleyball or pick-up soccer tournament to keep you moving. The worst thing you can do after a big meal is lounge in front of the TV or take a nap. If sports are not your families go to, suggest a fun game of charades to keep everyone entertained mentally and physically. Trust us, you will notice the difference!


If you follow the strategies mentioned above, you may be heading towards a guilt-free holiday season without jeopardizing your nutritional goals. As the new year quickly approaches, you may find yourself searching for ways to meet those lofty physical goals and Athletic Genetix may be the perfect first step towards meeting those.

The holiday season is meant to be joyous, fun and full of moments to remember! When you focus on what the festivities are truly about, it’s easier to focus less on the food. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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