Health and wellness trends are skyrocketing in our society today, along with the exponential growth of the fitness industry. Nutrition however seems to reign king; and with all the information available it may seem overwhelming to determine which “advice” to follow. You may be one of those people who has tried it all, including: keto, paleo, no sugar, vegetarian and any other low-carb or diet fads that are gaining popularity. Unfortunately, one of the single most detrimental problems with each of these is generalization. This is not inferring people do not observe results, but to make everyone aware that individualization is key when looking to achieve the optimum outcome.
First, to address foundational concepts of health that each person should know before digging deeper into performance enhancing details. Let us discuss three main priorities: hydration, sleep and nutrient timing. All of which are complimentary and a necessary part of the wellness pie.


A common phrase heard regarding water intake is that we should “drink eight glasses of water each day.” This does emphasize the concept of hydration to the public, but it lacks the why and disregards age, activity level & other personalized factors.
Did you know that, according to The National Athletic Trainers Association, with only two percent drop in hydration level our bodies performance may decrease about ten percent? This statistic may surprise some of those athletes out there who regularly operate under these conditions. A person may experience more severe side effects with continuation of these habits such as: head-aches, fatigue, cramps and much more.
Water (H2O) does not only keep us feeling in tip-top shape, but you may discover it is like our bodies discreet support substance. H2O helps us absorb nutrients from the food we consume, lubricates our joints to preserve our bones and regulates our body temperature. Hence – why humans may survive longer without food than water.


In wake of our busy lives, people may habitually run with sleep deprivation, but that debt compounds simultaneously with consequences; affecting all of us mentally and physically. Athletes looking to obtain an optimum performance should be especially careful with their sleep patterns. A significant decrease in the amount of rest you have may result in loss of focus, instability with increased risk of injury, soreness and more.
Anytime athletes complete drills, training and/or the daily workout sequences, they are building muscle stimulus, but not building muscle, per say. It is not to be overlooked that our bodies are experiencing soreness and stress during these activities, but while our minds rest, internally our bodies are on overdrive. Sleep is the actual time when our bodies rebuild the muscles stronger than they were before – resulting in a refreshed feeling the following day(s).

Nutrient Timing

When we think of eating healthy sometimes questions can arise about the amount of carbohydrates each of us should be eating in relations to vegetables and protein intake. Think about your body as an engine that needs fuel to run – type, when and amount – are all factors contributing to efficiency of function. This is valuable information to learn about yourself; however, the one cardinal yet hidden concept mostly overlooked is nutrient timing.
Did you know that 90% of athletes are deficient in two or more nutrients?
With that in mind, diet is not merely about what you eat, but when you consume foods such as: those glucose rich foods, green vegetables, protein supplements, etc. When it comes to achieving fitness goals and maximum athletic performance – for professional, amateur or your everyday active person – there is “no end all be all” solution to unlocking your potential.

All the information above will get you started on the road towards your goals, however it all comes down to variations on a genetic level – DNA. “Our company, Athletic Genetix brings you Certified Sports Dietitians and professionally customized GAMEPLANS that are personally tailored to YOUR body’s exact needs.”

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