Forming a Top-Notch Nutrition Plan

Diets are becoming widely popular in the fitness industry and among athletes. And an easy way to begin changing your nutritional health is to learn better substitutes for your favorite “junk food.” When it comes to weight loss, toning and performance we always hear about “calories in vs. calories out,” but with fixation on HOW MUCH we eat, we may overlook WHAT we are eating. The quality of foods we intake matter proportionally with the AMOUNT.

As mentioned above, your athletic performance may not soley rely on your calorie intake, but in combination with the quality of the foods you consume. Focus on minimally processed and unrefined sources of nutrients; you may see these described as “WHOLE FOODS” in modern society.  If you are looking to build a top-notch nutrition plan, it is important to learn how to substitute foods that will benefit your health, optimize energy output and help speed up your recovery time.

Examples of Healthy Substitutes

  1. Extra-virgin Olive Oil for Butter – Next time you are looking to sauté your favorite veggies try using olive oil for additional antioxidants and a heart-healthy alternative for butter. Also, great substitute for creamy salad dressings, a little oil and vinegar and your good to go!
  2. Nuts for potato chips – Are you craving a salty snack or in need of a little extra energy, no matter the reason, reach for a bag of all-natural almonds instead of that bag of lays potato chips – your body will thank you. Various nuts are a great source of healthy fat that may help lower bad cholesterol as well. Go NUTS!
  3. Sweet Potatoes for Regular White Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are a great side to any dinner or addition to your eggs in the morning. They are a great source of vitamin A, B and C, along with many other minerals to keep you satisfied and healthy.
  4. Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach, Kale or Arugula) for Romaine/Iceberg Lettuce – When you think about making a healthy salad consider adding the leafy greens mentioned above for increased nutritional value, such as: fiber and vitamin K.
  5. Low Sugar Fruit to Satisfy your Sweet-Tooth (Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries etc) – Do you crave sweets after a long day of school, work or play? Before you reach for an ice-cream cone or your favorite candy, consider a cup of big, juicy strawberries with Greek yogurt; not only will you be getting probiotics to aid in digestion, you will curb your craving in a healthy way.
  6. Avocadoes as a Replacement for Fat Source – When you make your next sandwich, consider adding avocado slices to replace your mayonnaise. The creamy taste will remain, with the added benefit of healthy fatty-acids, vitamins and minerals that may keep your body running in tip-top shape.

Obviously, there are many other substitutions out there, but we hope this gets you started on the path to making HEALTHIER CHOICES each and every day. Not everyone can have their own personal garden, but you can take control of your diet; and adjust your lifestyle to give you an edge on competition, make you feel energized and provide a game-plan for crushing your goals!

With the general information given above, remember that each of us is unique and requires various nutritional changes to match our bodies exact needs. The Athletic Genetix Sports DNA Test helps you to uncover deficiencies that may be holding you back from greatness.

Athletic Genetix was created to empower and educate athletes, using their DNA to derive game-changing plans to fuel their future.

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