Are you one of millions who made New Year’s Resolutions to drop weight and get in the best shape of your life? You may be looking to try a new fad diet, pick up a gym membership, start pumping iron and make promises to yourself about healthier choices; is there another goal that needs to be added in the mix? Stress is a factor that all of us are way too familiar with, but have you ever thought of the detrimental consequences that stress has on your body and mind?

The constant anxiety and pressure may lead to severe headaches, unnecessary muscle tension, digestive issues and even depression. New research shows that stress may be another phenomenon wreaking havoc on your metabolism and causing those extra pounds to stick with you, no matter what you try. We know that reducing daily life stress in the midst of today’s hustle and bustle may seem, to you, impossible, but there are always simple actions you can add to your routine that may build your resilience towards it and help relieve symptoms of stress.

Below you will find 5 simple ways to naturally reduce your stress and why it should be a part of your New Year’s goals:


  1. Rest – It is important for you to give yourself a break. Take a day or two off to relax or do something fun. When you rest your body and mind, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on a new day. This may be counterintuitive, but taking rest days may actually allow you to add more to your schedule by improving your efficiency. A recuperated individual with a peaceful and focused mind can produce the best results!


  1. Exercise Regularly – One of the best things you can do to decrease stress and anxiety is exercise regularly! Whichever type of exercise you like to do – take a long run, let off some steam with kickboxing, take a bike ride around the lake or a pick-up baseball game with friends. No matter how you do it, just get up, get out and stay active! It may help improve your quality of sleep, decrease cortisol levels, release endorphins and boost your mood! Regular workouts may also give you a confidence boost – time to look good and feel great and do amazing things.


  1. Create Work/Life Balance – You need to teach yourself to balance your time between work, family and personal interests. The balance will help you to feel well-rounded, give you a chance to chase your dreams and keep joy at the forefront. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. Also, learn to let go of things that are NOT your responsibility. Rely on your peers and family to help when needed. All you have do is ask. Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, find a way to breathe and figure out a better solution; there is always way out.


                                      ** A Cheerful heart is good medicine!


  1. Write Things Down – You may keep a journal for many things in your life, whether that’s to remember your daily workouts, get rid of consuming thoughts or even track what you eat. If you are feeling stressed, indecisive or anxious, it may help you to write down, in a conversational tone, about how you feel, what questions are crossing your mind and brain dump onto the paper in front of you. Sometimes all you need is to visualize how you feel to understand why. A journal can be a means to working through your problems. In addition, it is said that writing down what you are grateful for and all the blessings in your life each week may truly relieve excess stress and anxiety by taking your mind back to all the positives.


  1. Try to Avoid Procrastination – Procrastination is a term you probably heard from your parents while in high school, but it is a real bringer of stress. Do your best to stay on top of your priorities, because it can leave you scrambling to catch up. All the rushing around can negatively affect your sleep and create unneeded bouts of irritability and anxiety. Give yourself a realistic set of guidelines and deadlines you need to keep, then simply, work down the list.


With the above stress reducing techniques, you may be on your way to keeping off those unwanted pounds. Remember, that the adverse effects stress has on your body and mind should not be overlooked. Athletic Genetix is here to help you keep off unwanted weight with access to our certified dietitians and nutritional plans based on YOUR DNA. Every one’s life is unique, so why should your health be any different. Add stress-reduction to your New Year’s Resolutions and you may be psyched about the positive changes in many aspects of your life!


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