We’re More than a Sports DNA Lab

Athletic Genetix has been helping athletes across the US with our DNA test; High School, College, & Professional sports, CrossFit, marathons, Spartan/Ironman races, weekend warriors, weight-loss and everyone in between. From a simple cheek swab, we can create a 360° AG Blueprint of your Health. You’ll be able to see everything from possible deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, what foods you metabolize better than others, and if you have a gluten or lactose sensitivity. On the fitness side, we can see how quickly your muscles recover after exercise, prone to injury, flexibility, enhanced muscle building, and if your body was made more for endurance or power.


The goal is to transform your data into performance!

Being able to translate this data to the players is what Athletic Genetix does better than anyone. Education is one of the most important aspects of this, besides it’s practical value. It allows coaches to further develop their players–to give them professional and proven ways to not only understand their body, but to take the right action to improve it. Seeing how long it takes for their bodies to recover after training, how susceptible they are to get injured and what foods they metabolize better than others; Includes all factors that athletes want to know about themselves to increase their speed, gain muscle mass, and improve overall athletic performance.
We customize a specific GamePlan tailored to your genetic makeup that will help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Athletic Genetix consists of:
– Professional Sports Dietitians
– Professional Exercise Coaches
– Certified Sleep and Recovery Specialists
– Peak Performance Mindset Coaches

Together as a team, Athletic Genetix will guide you on what to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, when to hydrate, and how much to sleep. Overall, showing how everything works together and leaving nothing to chance.


Coaches #1 Secret Weapon

Athletic Genetix is valuable to sports teams because it allows players and coaches to compare individual and team data; it shows how to fuel up before a game, what to consume for a full body recovery, and how they should be training to best cater to their sport or position on the field. Coaches can make training adjustments and fix their athletes recovery schedules, keeping them healthy through the entire season. Ultimately, consistently playing at the peak of their potential.

We are thrilled to hear about so many uplifting stories from our community! The stories of inspiration, that they explained to us, thought they were eating healthy and exercising properly until they saw their AG Blueprint. From the data, they’ve been able to make adjustments and see tremendous results in half the time. Other stories of reaching their all-time best track record due to AG or reaching their weight loss goals, as well as, maintaining it. Even the #AGgamechangers to do the things they love but couldn’t do before. We want to do the same for you!


Take control of your life by taking control of your health and fitness!

Athletic Genetix was created to empower and educate athletes, using their DNA to derive game-changing plans to fuel their future.
Email the AG team today to schedule your sports consultation! – team@athleticgenetix.com

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