From professionals to amateurs who throw down in the local park, we are all athletes. And whether you are an Olympic weightlifter, an aspiring NBA player or a ballet dancer taking the stage, each one of us is unique – physically, mentally and GENETICALLY. At Athletic Genetix they have taken this notion to heart; and seek to empower & educate athletes by deriving game changing plans to fuel all our futures.

The take home DNA testing kit is simple and easy to use; all they need from you is a cheek swab and their specialists will get to work. Athletic Genetix experts will use comprehensive and reliable genetic data to formulate a gameplan made just for YOU. Can you believe it? With only a small sample of saliva the client will have information about what foods best fuel their body and what should be avoided altogether. As well as, how their bodies respond to exercise – type and how often. The AG sports certified dietitians are tailoring these plans for the individual and not one of them will be the same just like all of us.

The test has been proven a success with a variety of clients. One of their most recent case studies was for an Italian professional soccer player, Giuseppe Rossi, who has played for the Italian national team among many other big clubs such as Manchester United, Villarreal, and Fiorentina. After taking the DNA test, the specialists were able to see a blueprint of his genetic make-up; what they found was priceless and affirmed by previous observations and investigations.

  1. For example, the DNA test showed that Giuseppe was a fast metabolizer of caffeine, which means the caffeine quickly hits his bloodstream leaving him more energized for a big game! Athletic Genetix later discovered that Rossi was already in the habit of doing just that.
  2. The test results also revealed an intolerance to lactose; which, coincidently, the client previously disclosed that dairy based foods have given him trouble in the past and he was currently on a limited intake. These results may help Rossi prevent unnecessary inflammation that could be affecting his training and overall health; keeping his body in phenominal shape for the season!
  3. One of the biggest deficiencies noticed was Iron. Iron is an essential in transferring oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues, which may cause fatigue, headaches and inflammation. Rossi later informed us that he went for a blood test before each soccer season and consistently found that his Iron was low.
    According to Rossi, a professional soccer player, “In order to be the best athlete at your sport, you need to be firing on all cylinders. I’m definitely more conscious of what I put into my body now. Athletic Genetix was able to customize that for me and show me what I needed to maximize my workouts.”

In conclusion, the DNA test was able to correctly identify deficiencies and patterns unique to Giuseppe’s body. All the information provided will allow the Athletic Genetix sports certified dietitians & his coaches to create a gameplan customized just for him and optimize his already high potential!
Giuseppe Rossi, an Italian professional soccer player is taking steps to fuel his future, Are you?

Our Genes show us how we look on the outside while revealing how we function on the inside!
To learn more visit: www.athleticgenetix.com or email us with questions – team@athleticgenetix.com

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