Are you sporting the latest tech that tracks your daily steps?  Are you going the gym 3 days a week, because it’s “good for you,” but you’re stuck with the same boring treadmill and weight circuit as everyone else? Or are you one of thousands following the latest workout craze and fad diet hoping for the best results? If any of this sounds familiar, you may want to continue reading.

While, the newfound fitness apps, technological advances and trendy nutrition plans may show promising results for now – Are these methods really what work best for YOUR body? We believe that the key is customization. All human beings and athletes are unique; not only on the outside, but on the “inside” down to the most minute cell. Your nutritional routines and training regimens should complement those extraordinary qualities; they should also integrate with your lifestyle and reflect your personal goals to a tee.


your genetic profile is the key

Did you know that 92% of the U.S. population has a vitamin deficiency? Incredible, right? There are ways to find out if you are one of them:

Through a simple swab of saliva your genetic profile can reveal nutrient deficiencies, intolerances, your metabolic responses and much more. Meaning you will then be able to adjust your diet to prevent unnecessary inflammation/discomfort, optimize your daily energy levels and better reach your physical potential. Not only will your genetic blueprint help with the identification of important micronutrients, as mentioned above, it may also play a key role reforming preventative healthcare.

Unlike fad diets, which do not take into account the factors necessary for individual success, all of the data recovered from the Athletic Genetix test will help you to optimize your nutrition plans—without jeopardizing your health.



what training does your body respond to the best?

Imagine learning about your bodies natural recovery rate, how prone to injury you are or that your body will respond most readily to power training over straight cardio. If you’re still using one-size fits- all guides, your true physical potential is suffering. Choose to invest in your body and feel better than you have ever in your life.

The insight gained from your GamePlan will pave the way to better conquering your weight loss goals, reaching athletic potential and owning your overall health. For example, Sarah was a marathon runner and loved to train with long-endurance cardiovascular sessions, but the genetic test revealed she has two copies of the ACTN3 gene related to power. The conclusion was that Sarah would actually burn more calories and maintain body fat loss by adding in HIIT (high intensity interval training) to her regimen, instead of putting in miles-upon-miles of running—which may have actually been working against her.


There are countless more examples of how our DNA test can change the way you eat and train. The blueprint combined with our AG specialists will save you time, decrease stress and spare you the hassle of endless trial and error. AG is backed science, supported by a community of experts and fueled by our passions. Let us guide you into the future of health & wellness. Why would you settle for average, when you can be a trendsetter and stand out from the crowd? Fad diets and generalized training programs are a thing of the past, where DNA based customization is the future!


Purchase your Kit today, chat with our specialists and be the spearhead of this game-changing movement!


Athletic Genetix was created to empower and educate athletes, using their DNA to derive game-changing plans to fuel their future.

Email the AG team today to schedule your sports consultation! – team@athleticgenetix.com


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