Sports Science

The human body has around 20,000 genes that control everything from hair and eye color, to building bones and instructing the movement of muscles.

What is DNA?

Each gene consists of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) that makes up the molecular blueprint of you! DNA acts as a “coach” that gives you instructions to make molecules called proteins. Everything in our body is made up of proteins that help us grow and stay healthy.

Did You Know…

There is less than a 1% difference of DNA in all of us.
We share more than 99%, but this tiny amount is what truly sets us apart from the rest!

We have 23 pairs of chromosomes that make us unique. Inside of those chromosomes are genes that our bodies read like a “playbook” and build proteins.

Behind the science

An in-depth look into the athlete that you are.

DNA is made of 4 bases

Instead of “X’s” and “O’s” written on a chalkboard, there are 4 letters that spell out the language known as your genetic code.

A-T-G-C are the letters that make a base.

Formula of DNA

The number of the bases and the sequence of the genes determines the size + shape of the protein.

The size + shape will ultimately determine the function it will have on your physical appearance to all your inner workings including your metabolic functions.

So, Who Are You?

Your personalized report is based on well-established sports science and medical research. We analyze SNP’s (pronounced “snips”), Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, in search of variants in your DNA. These variations in gene sequences account for the many differences between you and the rest of the world.

A fun fact!

If you line up all the DNA from cells in our body, it would form a strand millions of miles long.
Long enough to make 260,000 trips back and forth to the moon!


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