Do you find your motivation to go outside dwindling because of the shorter days and cold winter air? Is your drive to get up, get dressed and break a sweat disappearing, just as a blizzard materializes outside your window? Do not let your fitness goals slip away, but instead, make the best of these last few months of winter. Snow storm, rain or harsh cold-weather; here are 7 exercise options to spice up your routine and keep you on track. It will help you emerge ready to conquer your goals and progress beyond your limits.

1. Hit the Pool – Grab your swimsuit and hit the lap-pool in your local fitness center before the warm weather returns. You can escape the snow and picture yourself soaking up the Caribbean sun. Swimming is a low impact workout that promotes blood-flow and helps athletes learn to control their breathing without the excess strain of lifting or running. You may be on your way to a leaner healthier you in no time.

2. Sweat It Out with H.I.I.T – High Intensity Interval Training has become progressively more popular over the past few years. In as little as 10 to 15 minutes you can knock out a heart pumping workout that keeps your burning calories well-after you stop. If you are unfamiliar with the HIIT format, it involves all out efforts for a short duration, followed by low intensity recovery periods. These series of high to low transitions will quickly switch your body into an anaerobic phase. By continuing to train, you may raise your anaerobic threshold; in layman’s terms, it can increase your ability to resist fatigue. How strong is your anaerobic capacity? Take the Athletic Genetix DNA test and find out if you have the power.

3. Start Swinging – Kettlebell’s have been used in fitness competitions since the 40s, but recently they have become more of a stand-alone fitness tool. You can get an effective strength training and cardio workout all in one with a set of these iron bells. A recent study has shown that during a 20-minute workout you can burn up to 20 calories per minute; how much more time efficient can you get. Are you ready to have your winter fitness saved by the bell? (Sample Kettle Bell Workout & Technique)

4. Go Climb – Are you more of an adventurous type and looking to try something new? Indoor rock-climbing gyms are popping up all over the country and it takes mental and physical strength to scale the tall walls. Imagine the bragging rights when you reach the top using just the power of your own body. It is a full body workout that you may not be able to get enough of!

5. Grab a Mat – Take a day, try something new and explore a yoga class at your local studio. You may be surprised to see how much strength is required, along with balance, to control your flow through the movements of a simple class. All while, reducing stress and anxiety through meditative breathing, an essential part of any practice. If you cannot leave your house due to a blizzard, search for a class on YouTube to follow and explore mindfulness in your own home.

6. Score a Goal – Soccer, it’s not just a sunny weather sport. Grab some of your friends and go play a pick-up game indoors. You will experience insanely great cardio and feel your abs form with every corner-kick and pass. There are many studies that show one of the world’s favorite sports may improve your cardiovascular health, general body functionality and balance! Go score a goal and escape the snow!

7. Keep It Simple – NO EQUIPMENT, NO PROBLEM. If you find yourself snowed in or not wanting to brave the cold again – drop the weights – and keep it simple. Use your own body weight! A 10-minute workout is all you need to crank out a highly effective body weight circuit. The variety of popular exercises may seem endless. If you not sure where to start, try alternating 1 minute push-ups, 1 minute squats, and 1 minute sit-ups with a 1-minute rest period in between exercise. Max out with each and believe us, you will feel the burn!

Winter may seem like it lasts forever, but don’t let it get you down; instead, look for alternatives to keep your body moving! Winter Health Tip: Increase your vitamin D and calcium rich food intake during the winter season; it will help to keep your energy levels high when you don’t have access to the sun and prevent you from feeling like hibernating through the winter. We know at Athletic Genetix, that you want to crush your fitness goals and become a healthier, stronger you! Start by prepping yourself with winter conditioning and forget about the weather when it comes to fitness.
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