Ever dream of taking the NFL field as an MVP of the Super Bowl, getting paid to do what you love or becoming a legendary Olympic athlete who inspires millions to chase their dreams? Whatever drives your ambitions to be an elite athlete, you must be SMART about your training and lifestyle. The highly competitivesports industry is not letting up and you can’t either!

If you want to be an ELITE athlete, you have to learn how to:


like a PRO.

With therise of home DNA testing, you too can have the customization necessary to raise your game to the next level. Famous athletes like:Usain Bolt, Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Kerri-Walsh Jenningsand Simone Biles are not using general plans to fuel their training, but instead CUSTOMIZATION istheir true secret weapon.

Training Regimens

Simone Biles is one talented gymnast who won the hearts of many on the Olympic stage and raised the bar! Her cross-training regimen varies, as should it with any elite athlete, because strengths, weaknesses and necessities change with their development. Although Simone loves doing legs and can swim 1-mile two times a week + running and biking, it does not mean that you should do the same. In fact, it may end up hurting you, more than helping. Conditioning should not just be a bandwagon we jump on,therefore these routines are carefully set-up to match an athlete’s goals, lifestyle, innate strengths, body-type and DNA.

Think twice, before you pull a celebrity workout routine off the internet and instead, FOCUS on YOU!


Tom Brady is very meticulous about the way he eats, sleeps, trains and together, with his coach, they put together an in-depth plan to keep him healthy & performing at his peak,long-term. Sports Illustrated recently put out an article discussing his unique, calculated lifestyle that is guiding this NFL player to continue making history.

He is a great illustration of an athlete who has gone the extra mile to ensure his continued success.. One thing is for certain, everything he does is specifically designed for Tom Bradyand him alone. For example, Tom knows that his body is subject to extreme inflammation on and off the field.Brady and his coach adjust his eating habits to reduce any unnecessary inflammation that could negativelyaffect his training, health and performance. With the helpful knowledge about how his body works from the inside, Brady knows he is doing all he can to progress towards success.

Brady did fall into the trap ofjust doing what everyone else does and not taking preventative measures to plan for the future. He would stick his elbow into an ice bucket after training sessions because that’s what people did. “It’s systematic,” Brady says.” It will not, however, get you into the hall of fame. He now knows not to follow the crowd and focus on what makes him as successful as possible.


Usain Bolt may very well be the fastest human in the world, but his #1 priority could surprise you. Believe it or not, “the BOLT”takes his shuteye very seriously. During sleep his body recovers from the hard sprints, his muscles grow stronger, and Bolt’smind is refreshed. He is now prepared for the following days routine.

Next time you think about staying up a few more hours to finish that movie or get a bit of a jumpstart on the new project, remember that it is your performance and body that will suffer. Eachand every human body needs a certain amount of sleep, based on many factors, but make a point to Add—Get Zzz’s—to your To-Do-List.

You can only TRAIN as hard as you can RECOVER.’


Kerri Walsh Jennings is a well-known Olympic beach volleyball player who truly believes in the importance of staying hydrated. She is trainingand spending unbelievable amounts of time in the HOT SUN. Our bodies can’t function at their peak while experiencing dehydration. The negative effects can range from mild to extremely severe – a small headache to heat-stroke and hospitalization. For an elite athlete, even a 1% drop in hydration can have a negative impact on  theirreflexes, coordination,andmentalfocus.

Find out how much water your body needs to fuel optimum performance with our Athletic Genetix DNA test. Our hydration specialists are here to make sure that dehydration is not the reason behind missing out on the GOLD.

Mental Training

Stephen Curry is one of the leading NBA playerstoday but do you know what really sets him apart from the rest?Some research has shown that Curry has highly advanced decision-making skills and the ability to process large quantities of sensory input on the court. Simply put, his perception and mental capacity allow him to find the openings and make game-winning plays. Curry says, “that his coaches overload training physically & mentally to make the game slow-down in real life.” This allows him to be mentally tough and ready to step out on the court with full confidence!

What each of these athletes have in common, aside from being incredibly fit, talented and driven, is that they’ve found what works best for them! You must seek to do the same by customizing all aspects of your health & fitness.

Dreams of becoming a PRO – then start by learning more about how your body functions from the inside-out.Using your DNA, Athletic Genetixcan help you rise to the top.

 Athletic Genetix was created to empower and educate athletes, using their DNA to derive game-changing plans to fuel their future.

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