Are you snacking on your favorite junk food in between classes, sipping sodas at lunch or stopping by your local fast food restaurant after class, on a regular basis?
You may say to yourself, “I am young, and my metabolism is fast, so how bad could it be?”
Even though a heart-attack seems like an unrealistic problem now; you may be surprised to find out that your diet is currently affecting you more than you know. And one of the biggest problems with overlooking your present nutrition routines is how they may alter your future.
Do you think pro athletes ate junk food daily and got to where they are today? No way!
Possible negative Influences of poor nutrition:
1. Weight Gain to Obesity – Eating sugar and processed foods in excess may lead to weight gain. And putting on the pounds in young adults could pave the way for worse conditions such as depression and eating disorders. Both of which have severe consequences and may take sheer will to overcome.

2. Increased Stress & Loss of Concentration – How can you achieve your goals and dreams when you lack focus? We all have bouts of lost concentration, but why let your diet, something you can control, be the reason for it.

3. Lead to Fatigue – Are you finding yourself drifting off to sleep in class or lacking the capacity to complete your early morning or after school training sessions? Your diet could be a major factor, because what we put into our bodies directly affects our function.

4. Yes, High-Blood Pressure is possible when you’re young and the medical effects are quite dangerous. The condition may lead to heart disease or a stroke, which have a major impact on your functionality. Take control of your nutrition to decrease your chances of high blood pressure.

5. Diabetes –It is a disease that affects the way our bodies process blood sugar (many things you consume). Eventually, if uncontrolled, may lead to the damaging of normal bodily function, fatigue, kidney disease and much more.

Now that you understand a few basic risks of poor nutrition for the near and distant future, let’s discuss simple tips to changing bad habits!
1. Cut back on sugary drinks
2. Eat breakfast & don’t skip meals – make you less likely to crave junk
3. Keep a bowl of fruit in the house for a healthy snack option
4. Change your eating environment – look for healthier options, learn to cook (you don’t have to be a chef) and think MODERATION
5. Seek Advice – for example Athletic Genetix works with certified dietitians that can help you get on a nutritional plan designed for YOU! All based on your DNA, habits and lifestyle.
We aren’t suggesting knocking out your favorite cookies for good, but we want you to know the affects that your diet has on your MIND, BODY and FUTURE. We are simply making you aware of the effects your diet can have on your body, mind and future. Take advantage of the energizing power of a healthy diet and remember Athletic Genetix has been helping thousands with personal dietitians, exercise coaches, recovery specialists and mindset coaches.
Athletic Genetix was created to empower and educate athletes, using their DNA to derive game-changing plans to fuel their future.
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