Do you have the mental toughness it takes to be a dominant athlete? Do you have that edge over your opponents? Do you know how to step up and take charge when the pressure is on the line?

It’s been said that genetics may determine the starting line of a mentally tough athlete, but hard work determines the finish line.

Mentally tough athletes are the ones who get the ball when the clock is running out, the player that all your teammates look to lead them, and nobody did it better than Michael Jordan. Follow these qualities and you’ll be on your way to dominating your game!

1. Stay CALM UNDER PRESSURE. When the lights are on and the fans are cheering, you use it all as motivation, but you never lose sight of your goal and how you’re going to reach it.

2. Be RELENTLESS. From the time you step onto the field, to the final whistle is blown, you were built like a machine and all your hard work behind the scenes will finally pay off.

3. Become LASER-FOCUSED. Block out the noise. When the clock starts, everything fades away and there is nothing stopping you from achieving greatness.

4. You’re CONFIDENT. All those late-night sprints, recovery sessions, and customized meal plans will propel you past your competition.

5. FEAR NO ONE. Trust in yourself that you did everything possible to be the fastest, strongest athlete you are today. Then go make history.

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