Are you a high school athlete looking to advance your career? Maybe even get a scholarship to play in college before going pro? With the continuous rise in the number of elite caliber athletes coming out of high school, comes the need for each student to stay as competitive as possible. This means extra training, off season conditioning, more sport specific training and focusing on prep way ahead of time. Below we discuss 5 tips that may get you ready to show off your skills to recruiters and progress towards your long-term professional desires.

  1. Compete – Most athletes are not ONLY playing with their local high school team; they’re participating in extra training camps to enhance their skills, competing with tournament teams outside of school and putting in effort during the off season with specialized conditioning programs. You want to give yourself a solid foundation to build on once you enter the realm of NCAA, and the high intensity college training regimens.


  1. Be Proactive – Writing a sports resume early on during your High School years is very important. The recruiters want to see who you are on paper and then will look at what you accomplish on the field. Do not wait for them to contact you, but instead send your updated resume off to the schools of your choice. This effort will show professionalism, dedication and signify your drive to be competitive!


  1. Take Care of Your Body – Get your sleep patterns on track, stay hydrated and focus on learning injury prevention techniques, because when you get to college it doesn’t get any easier. You will have hard classes, crack of dawn practices and most likely, you’ll no longer be under the watchful eye of your parents. You are the one responsible for holding yourself accountable for your goals. If you start early, all the above will be a part of your natural routine and easier to keep on track during your transition to college.


  1. Communicate with your Coaches – You should strive to practice transparency with your coaches, because they do not always know exactly how your body feels. Be smart and learn professionalism early. Meet with your coaches to discuss your goals and don’t just go through the motions. If your trainers know what you desire, they can better create a path and program to help you achieve it!


  1. Remember Why You Started Playing – As you progress through your athletic career, ALWAYS remember why you started playing in the first place. Continue to always have a passion for the sport and remember how it makes you feel when you walk onto the field or court! All the years of hard work, sweat & tears let you to where you are today!


Recruiters are looking for the best of the best and if you want to be part of that top 1% who go PRO then you better start preparing now. When you are resting, your competition is putting in the work, mentally and physically. Athletic Genetix has been helping thousands of athletes reach their fullest potential. Our mindset coaches, sports dietitians and exercise specialists may be the edge you are looking for to reach your potential and edge out your competition. Visit our website today to learn more and CREATE the FUTURE you DESIRE.


Athletic Genetix was created to empower and educate athletes, using their DNA to derive game-changing plans to fuel their future.

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