Are you looking to Swim faster? Lift heavier? Win a championship? Or be the best in the world?
Visualization may be exactly what you need to bring your game to the NEXT LEVEL! Mental visualization is about recreating a desired outcome in your mind, using all 5 of your senses. The key is full immersion!
One-of-a-kind athletes, like Michael Phelps, have a mental coach to optimize their performance and break boundaries. Bill Bowman worked with Phelps from a young age and made him the strongest mental swimmer in the pool. Learn how the pros use visualization to break boundaries and what practicing mental imagery may do for you.

1. Curb Performance Anxiety and Stress

When you visualize yourself performing well, you are essentially living that moment repeatedly like a dress rehearsal for the real deal. You are creating a subconscious habit designed to win! When you walk out on the field, it will be like you have been there a thousand times before.
For example, “each night before falling asleep and each morning after waking up, Phelps would imagine himself jumping off, swimming flawlessly, visualizing his strokes, the walls of the pool, his turns, the water dripping off his lips as his mouth cleared the surface, the finish and what it would be like to rip off his cap at the end. He would lie in bed and watch the race and the smallest details until he knew each second by heart.”

2. Rock Solid Self-Confidence

Have you heard the quote, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there?” Well, the mind is a powerful tool that can make you push the extra mile when you think your body has nothing left. When we visualize an action, we are in control; and praises of success feel very real. You can bet that when you face the competition, you will be ready.

3. Enhance Motivation and Drive

Mental imagery allows you to see the best side of yourself. You may see yourself scoring the winning goal or giving a training session your all, but no matter the challenge, you may be more motivated to face it knowing it is within your reach.

4. Improve your Abilities

Many studies have found that mental training not only prepares your mind for the competition, but the body improves just the same. If you think about being faster, stronger and crushing your goals than your body takes steps to make it a reality.
For instance, Phelps had one race where his goggles took on water as soon as he broke the surface but read what happens next. “It said World Record next to his name. When a reporter asked how it felt like to swim blind, Phelps said, “Like I imagined it would.”

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